Episode 00:

Season 1 Trailer

‘What's Contemporary’, the galvanizing platform, has returned in a new podcast format, which felt more fitting for our ever-consuming and insatiable query. This season’s conversations feature returning contributors like Glen Luchford, Ezra Petronio, and Emma Summerton alongside newcomers including Amber Valletta, Ferdinando Verderi, Lucien Pages, Jaime Perlman, Hung Vanngo, Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, Kevin McIntosh Jr, Sam Visser, Benjamin Huseby, and Serhat Isik, Jonni Pollard, and Zinnia Kumar. Tackling the threads that weave the contemporary patterns of today’s culture, What’s Contemporary brings forth compelling discourse from leading thinkers who share their thoughts around intriguing topics like the metaverse’s emerging marketplace, what beauty means today, the likelihood of building a present-day heritage brand, as well as discussing a myriad of other perspectives and ideals. Subscribe now to listen to a new episode each week.