Episode 20:

Julia Sarr-Jamois

As the youngest and first black fashion director in Vogue’s history, Julia Sarr-Jamois is a powerful driving force for change within the fashion industry. She started her illustrious career by modeling at 17 and then interning at i-D magazine. Her love of textiles and fashion accessories since childhood fueled her prolific rise to consultant, stylist, and fashion director of British Vogue. Today, her eclectic style and elegance make her one of the most photographed fashion directors—ruling best-dressed lists. Julia’s exceptional, lauded talent is highlighted through her dynamic editorials, social media presence, and consulting work with brands worldwide. In this episode, she shares with Christopher Michael how fashion markets have broadened, making it difficult for brands to focus on a single thing. As well, she reflects on how establishing her studio has allowed her more autonomy over her career choices and how magazines have played an iconic and influential role in both her fashion career and the fashion industry at large. What’s contemporary now? It’s an attitude. People are more open to different types of people, kinder to each other, and more inclusive.