Episode 17:

Luis Alberto Rodriguez

In coming home to himself, dancer turned photographer Luis Alberto Rodriguez fully claimed the confident perspective that makes him one of the most sought-after talents in fashion and art today. For the gay son of Dominican immigrants, the performance art world offered refuge and exceptional opportunities—such as exploring the globe as a member of European dance companies. A background in dance and a quest to understand intimacy informed his unique photographer’s eye and helped hone the skills that eventually defined his work in the fashion industry today. Self-taught, the Berlin-based photographer shares his personal journey—how he evolved his craft with the help of a camera he won on eBay, various mentors, inspiring photo books, and YouTube tutorials—that led to work in notable publications, such as i-D Magazine, Document Journal, and Vogue. His success story is ingrained with a deep understanding of movement and a reverence for human connections; the shy school kid alone on the New York City subway became a visionary whose eye for integrity and authenticity defines What’s Contemporary Now. “Being proud of where you come from is the key to any kind of success,” says Luis.