Episode 16:

Charles Levai and Kevin Tekinel

Charles Levai and Kevin Tekinel, creative directors and cofounders of the Paris-based creative agency Maybe, chat with Christopher Michael about their inspiring journey to success. Before launching their sought-after agency, they honed their skills separately in various creative fields. Their complementary expertise in graphic design, fashion imagery, and film and video editing allowed them to work collaboratively on brilliant concepts and projects, building a prestigious clientele roster, which includes top fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton, Versace, Gucci, Hermès, Coperni and The Row. In this episode, the duo highlights the importance of technology in the fashion industry and the exciting new ways it's been incorporated—such as the impressive Coperni spray dress—especially during the pandemic. With the demand to produce more content higher than ever, they weigh in on the role of Instagram and various social media platforms in today's content creation, underscoring the significant shift toward video content to engage audiences better. To Charles and Kevin, their thriving creative path comprises essential building blocks: collaboration, positivity, and a willingness to explore possibilities. What is contemporary now? Creating something relevant and in context with the present moment.