Episode 10:

Emma Summerton

To Emma Summerton, shooting the 2023 Pirelli Calendar was a dream—one that was years in the making. Entitled "Love Letters to the Muse," the 49th edition of the calendar is steeped in magical realism, with portraits going beyond aesthetical beauty to acknowledge women's strengths, talents, and sensibilities. The sought-after Australian-born photographer embraces freedom and constraints, and her work often relays this message, yielding a powerful, unique expression. As a visual artist, Emma meanders between making art awash with a distinctive vision and working as a fashion photographer with a sharp eye and a bold, dramatic style. In her much-lauded career, she's learned to overcome obstacles and keep projects moving forward in any scenario. Her mantra when it comes to the unexpected is "Have fun. Don't freak out." Adopting—and shockingly welcoming—chaos can be unexpectedly rewarding. As she recalls, what seemed as challenging and disastrous shoots, often turned out to be uncannily sublime.