Kevin McIntosh Jr.

Episode 08:

Kevin McIntosh Jr

Global PR Director Kevin McIntosh Jr. sees fashion magic happening for brands that embrace a broad range of creative voices, deploying a 360° strategy to promote their vision. A full-spectrum approach is nonnegotiable in today’s hyper-connected fashion landscape. As the chief executive officer at KMJR Studio Worldwide, Kevin shares with Christopher Michael his front-row perspective on why PR today encompasses everything from dressing celebrities and athletes to staging runway events and publishing a blog post or an interview in print or online. While social media and digital platforms have vast worldwide reach, Kevin still sees brick-and-mortar and real-life interactions as critical to cultivating honest consumer connections and building brand loyalty. He also weighs in on where the industry stands in terms of DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) and how, now more than ever, contemporary culture is both shaped by and reflective of a melting pot  of influences. For Kevin, bringing diverse voices together is the way to shift culture, make noise, and have fun.