Episode 06:

Ezra Petronio

What keeps creatives relevant in an industry that’s constantly evolving? Ezra Petronio has done it decade after decade by staying curious and riding the waves of technological and cultural change. In this episode, the Petronio Associates founder and creative director explains to Christopher Michael how he has been very intentional about the early adoption of digital innovation and media trends. He shares his journey as a magazine editor, photographer, and marketing visionary in New York and Paris, presenting a unique perspective on three decades of fashion and culture. Ezra and his team inspire trust by setting the stage for successful—very often highly experimental—collaborations by meeting clients (including renowned top luxury brands) where they are, with a commitment to communication and clarity. The episode wraps with thoughts on how the metaverse will likely impact the fashion industry and a compelling rundown of “what’s contemporary right now” for this thoughtful, multidisciplinary, and influential image maker.