Episode 05:

Lucien Pagès

When it comes to the concept of “flow,” the fashion PR Lucien Pagès is Exhibit A. He has carved out a dynamic career in communications by following his instincts, keeping an eye on the big picture, and always staying true to himself. He explains to  Christopher Michael in this episode that his Lucien Pagès Communications team is laser-focused on two things: identifying what makes a designer unique and then excavating that treasure for others to see.  An avalanche of new communications channels has profoundly changed the media landscape since Lucien started as an aspiring designer working for legendary houses like Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent in the 1990s and since he founded his PR agency in 2006. Yet, his personalized made-to-measure style of messaging is evergreen. No matter the platform, Lucien’s branding is all about capturing the unique humanity and vision embodied by his notable and up-and-coming clients: “The way we express fashion at its best is when we bring emotion.”